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Good for Chocolate is the premier distributor of raw, organic, permaculture-grown cacao in the Pacific Northwest. Based in Seattle, WA, we are passionate about bringing fairness to the market by educating individuals and communities about the wonders of cacao as an unrefined alternative to chocolate.

We take pride in our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau of America, which reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical business practices.

A collection of hexagons in brown and yellow colors
white thin hexagon
Collection of hexagons in brown and yellow colors
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 Without equitable compensation, how can we provide our families and our communities with the healing they deserve? Our farmers are the reason why YOU receive the beauty of cacao and we celebrate them and lift them up. This is our mission, our bedrock and our goal.

Our planet needs sustainable, not extractive, systems. Permaculture is a design system that supports the harmonious cooperation of people, the planet, and fair distribution of wealth. GFC values the farmers who grow cacao, the women’s collectives who process it, and of course, you the consumer by offering this medicinal and positively impactful treasure.

Nature is the source from which all food and products are derived. GFC cacao works with nature by only sourcing from organic, agroforestry systems that actually build the quality of the environment over time by mimicking the functions of a natural forest.

four thin white hexagons
four thin white hexagons
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jungle tree branch with two buds

About Us

Good for Chocolate is the first major Pacific Northwest raw, organic, permaculture grown cacao distributer.

two small teal cacao cups


Purchase an infamous gold bar of our cacao, or our cups made by a PNW native indigenous artist. Bring Good for Chocolate's magic into your home or send to loved ones. 

Cacao being cooked by a fire


Want to know how to brew the best cacao? Check out our recipes for inspiration, and make cacao for every occasion. 

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