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Are you a lover of Cacao and want to spread the magic around? Well you're in the right place!

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Good for Chocolate has an affiliate program that allows you to distribute our products around the world. We help you sustain the lifestyle you want, while also getting raw, organic, permaculture grown cacao into the hands of people on your journey.

To get more information on our affiliate program read the FAQ below, and put in your application by filling out the form below.

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What is an affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a chance to represent companies and services you like by repping their products or services. It gives you an opportunity to support brands that you align with while also making a profit for yourself on the side.

How do I get involved?

Fill out this typeform!

What is the minimum amount of cacao I can purchase?

The minimum amount of cacao you can purchase from us is 20 lbs!

What is the price per pound of cacao?

You will be buying cacao at our whole sale price of $25 per pound

When do I put in my cacao order?

You put your cacao order in 6 weeks prior to when you want your cacao!

Who do I contact to put in a wholesale order of cacao?

You can email us at after you've filled out this typeform with any questions. 

Where do I make my payment for cacao?

After filling out the typeform we will send you an invoice! 

How do I make money after buying cacao!

Mark up the price! If you are a traveler, if you want to sell cacao on the road or to your friends, then you can sell each pound for whatever price you see fit (:



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