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Recieve 25% off our Cacao Chips!

  •  Lifetime Guarantee: If you don't like this cacao we will fully refund you! Just email us at
  • Just for trying it we will pitch in a three serving sampler of our tea and our cacao educational pamphlet!
  • 3-10 day shipping within the US.




  • ANOTHER 10% off your order
  • your Cacao Chips ($28 value) ($22.00) $20.00
  • your Tea sampler ($10 Value)
  • your Cacao Educational Pamphlet ($15 Value)


  • a monthly cacao recipe ($10 value)
  • free spice jar! ($12 Value)
  • 20% off code on any product.
  • A free 1lbs block of cacao after 8 months! ($65 value)

Total Value $140

Today get all this for just $20/mo.

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Each pack of our high-quality cacao allows you to make 8-10 cups of delicious cacao beverage. Sourced from our sustainable permaculture farms, our cacao is carefully cultivated to ensure the finest taste and aroma.

Whether you're savoring a cup on your own or sharing the experience with friends and loved ones, this conveniently sized pack offers a delightful way to enjoy the remarkable qualities of our Ceremonial Grade Cacao without the commitment of a whole block.

Experience the true essence of cacao in every cup, and let its richness captivate your senses.

Cacao Chip 25% off SALE

$28.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
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